Delta-NP Smooth


[1.8.x MC] V1.9

Download 64x64
Download 128x128

[1.7.x MC] V1.9

Download 64x64
Download 128x128

[1.6.x MC] V1.5

Download 64x64
Download 128x128

[1.5.x MC] V1.3

Download 64x64
Download 128x128

Don’t forget you need to use Optifine or MCpatcher for the texture packs to work correctly

NP Smooth texture pack is updated for minecraft 1.5.x & 1.6.x & 1.7.x & 1.8

We recommend Optifine over Mcpatcher. Optifine has a mip mapping feature and if you set this to 2 or above this makes texture packs look a 1000s times better

This pack was created by Nuttyprot sadly he has now retired from texture pack development.
We at DeltaStrium will be continuing to update this pack for the foreseeable future.


Random Mobs
Not Enough Items GUI’s
Baubles GUI’s
Connected Textures


New XP Orbs

Updated Red Brick

Updated Furnace Side

Updated Furnace Top

Updated Iron Block

Updated Nether Brick

Updated Gold Block

New Wood Planks

New Doors

New Buckets

New String

Updated Carrots Plant

Updated Potato Plant

Updated Crafting Table

Updated Piston

Updated Chests

New Blaze Textures

New Skeleton Textures

New Zombie Textures

Texture Clean Ups plus more


Added New Door Textures

Added Red Sand Textures

Added Red Sandstone Textures

Added Iron Trapdoor Texture

Added New GUI Elements

Added New Items Textures

Added New Quartz Texture

Added New Netherrack Texture

Added New Stone Textures

Added New Ore Textures

Added New Mob Textures

Added New Metal Block Textures

Added New Bed Texture

Added New Crafting Table Textures

Added New Cake Texture

Added Random Mob Support

Added NEI Support

Added Baubles Support

Added New CTM Support

Plus Lots Lots More


Added Podzol

Added Double Plants

Added Horse Armour Icons


Added Stained Glass Blocks

Added Stained Glass Panes

Added Compact Ice

Added Podzol

Added VArious new Plants

Added Various New Trees

Added Various New Planks


Added Hardened Clay Blocks in all colours

Added Hay Block

Added Coal Block

Added Footprint to particles

Added Charcoal Item

Added Lead Item

Added Name Tag Item


Initial 1.6 Support Update


Added Activator Rails

Improved Water Texture to have less blur


Fixed bug with flowing lava texture

Fixed bug with flowing water texture


Added Quartz Block

Added Chisseled Quartz Block

Added Pillar Quartz Block

Added Hopper

Added Minecart with TNT Item

Added Minecart with hopper Item

Added Dropper Block


Initial Converted release for 1.5.1

* Nuttyprot [For His wonderfull texture pack]

* Wreckage [For His Texture Contributions]

* DarksideBD [For His Texture Contributions]

* TempusBD [For His texture contributions]

* DrakeBD [For Compiling & Editing the pack]

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license,

The Textures in this pack are property of NuttyProt & DeltaStrium and not to be used in other packs or distributed in any other way other than official distribution from NuttyProt & DeltaStrium.

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